Here in Alabama, we are known for our food. From fried catfish to the most excellent pulled BBQ pork found anywhere in the US, Alabama is unrivaled when it comes to throwing down in the kitchen. For non-natives of the state and natives alike, here is a guide for the best tastes to sample here in the Heart of Dixie.


Large portions of catfish with a side of coleslaw and French fries, please. This dish is quite common in Alabama, and the list of restaurants offering catfish is endless. Here is a list of some popular restaurants serving this popular dish.

  • Martin’s Restaurant, Montgomery, Alabama.
  • Catfish Heaven, Tuscaloosa, Alabama.
  • The Seafood Bistro, (Don’t be fooled by the hole-in-the-wall appearance) Montgomery, Alabama.
  • The Catfish House Millbrook, Alabama.


Next on the list is an all-time favorite of Alabama natives. First introduced to our palates from German and Austrian immigrants in the 18th century, country fried steak has been experimented with and perfected to the delicious tastes we all love today. While in Bama, be sure to have a stop at these restaurants offering fried steak.

  • Joel’s Restaurant, Vestavia, Alabama.
  • Niki’s West, Birmingham, Alabama.
  • Irondale Cafe, Irondale, Alabama.
  • Dale’s Grill, Birmingham, Alabama.

Country Fried Steak.


Fried green tomatoes are so tasty; we made a movie about them. Well, perhaps not about them, but at least in name. These unripened tomatoes are coated over with a cornmeal layer and then deep-fried to produce this tasty appetizer. One thing about Alabama, we are not lacking when it comes to restaurants cooking up delicious platters of fried green tomatoes.

  • Fried Green Tomatoes, Hoover, Alabama.
  • Lulu’s Gulf Shores, Gulf Shores, Alabama.
  • Commerce Kitchen, Huntsville, Alabama.
  • Johnny’s Restaurant, Homewood, Alabama.


There is no way you can be living in Alabama or visiting and not have tried our boiled peanuts, unless you’re allergic, of course. In that case, we’re sorry to hear that and please feel free to skip ahead. Everyone else, see below to see where you can grab some of these delicious nuts.

  • Alabama Peanut Company, Birmingham, Alabama.
  • Foodbar, Vestavia Hills, Alabama.
  • A&M Peanut Shop, Mobile, Alabama.
  • Burris Farm Market, Loxley, Alabama.

Boiled peanuts.


Now for the dessert. Pecan pie is also a favorite among residents. Many of these places offer additional dessert types such as apple, cherry, and blueberry pies. After trying everything else on the list, it’s obvious you saved some room for dessert. With that, take a look below.

  • Luna’s Eat and Drink, Orange Beach, Alabama.
  • Edolyn’s Pies, Birmingham, Alabama.
  • Priester’s Pecans, Fort Deposit, Alabama.
  • Pie Lab, Greensboro, Alabama.

Pecan Pie.

Alabama is a state that is rich in history but also rich in the diverse dishes available for people to sample. The next time you are out and about, be sure to try one or more of the restaurants on the list. Or, stop by your local food market and pick up a bag of boiled beans. You’ll be glad you did.