What Defines Southern Food? What to Know About Southern Cuisine

Tender collard greens simmering in a pot on a Sunday afternoon, while the aroma of crispy chicken fried to perfection fills the air is a typical scene in a southern kitchen. Did you know that this delectable fare was born out of the survival of many residents’ landscapes? Southern food, a cuisine enjoyed worldwide, is […]

Top 5 Restaurants Worth Moving to Alabama For

Alabama is a beautiful state and its fantastic restaurants are just one of a number of pros of living here. If you want to get something delicious to eat in Alabama, but are not familiar with the state or do not know which restaurants to visit, here are some suggestions. These five restaurants have such great food that they are worth the move to Alabama.

Acre in Auburn

This charming restaurant will give you a great taste of Southern culture. Some examples of their many delicious dishes include chicken fried bacon, a brisket burger, salmon, fried green tomatoes, a Southern cheese board, and plenty more. This restaurant has something for everyone, whether you are in the mood for a light dish to share with friends or a hearty plate for dinner. The chefs make sure that their food looks aesthetically pleasing and tasting great, as the chefs hope to present traditional southern foods in a fun, innovative way. In addition to incredible food, the atmosphere is charming.

SpringHouse in Alexander City

If you want a fine dining experience like what you see in the movies, this is the restaurant for you. The restaurant is known for its classy, elegant atmosphere and delicious food. The menu is updated consistently and features delicious starters and entrees and a wide variety of wines and other alcoholic beverages. This is the place to go for a dining experience you will remember forever at a beautiful location that you will not want to leave.

Uncle Mick’s Cajun Market & Cafe in Prattville

Are you in the mood for some authentic Cajun food? Uncle Mick’s Cajun Market & Cafe is the place to eat. According to their website, their food is so good that they received the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence award for six years in a row. They have lots of Cajun favorites and plenty of options ranging from gumbo to rice dishes to desserts. People love their food, so how could you not want to check it out?

Time To Eat Café in Theodore

Check out this fun and family-friendly restaurant for delicious, classic Southern food. They are known for their wide variety of mouth-watering burgers. Whether you like your burgers cheesy, with vegetables or spicy, they have burgers that everyone will love. They have appetizers, soups, and salads, steaks, sandwiches, chicken, desserts, and breakfast options as well.

Chez Fonfon in Birmingham

Do you enjoy French food? Or have you always wanted to try a French dish but never had the chance? Either way, Chez Fonfon is the perfect place to explore French cuisine. They have been around since 2000, and they offer both light and heartier options sure to satisfy your craving for delicious French food. Their menu also features desserts and drinks so you can experience a full French meal. Check out their whole menu to find the perfect choice for you from this unique and tasty classic French cuisine. Thanks to Chez Fonfon, you can skip the expensive trip to France and enjoy their classic dishes in Alabama.

Check out these five restaurants for incredible food that will have you longing to move to Alabama today.

What Food is Alabama Known For? Your Guide to Quintessential AL Foods

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